About our GOAL´s

Life’s that you only know from a single and repeat expression. “1$DLLR A DAY”

But we want to make an effective and self-sustaining approach to poverty reduction and community economic development by adding value with a on-line events, such as for example- the success of an every – day – straggle of rural African communities wich are far from every EUROPEAN DAY to day normal straggling, life.

In addition to it, will had a networking opportunity and other resources available in our SITE we are aiming to support the creation of a vibrant private sectors in MOZAMBIQUE...... our “goals” include increasing the capacity of local community champions to make informed choices, define their priorities and gain access to world´s resources and partners. A well needed solutions for,their better life´s.
If you became a sleeping PARTNER to LOCAL African communities, you will be at home together with a caring group of like-minded individuals and organizations who believe that business can and should be conducted ethically; In the process, new jobs and business opportunities will be created for un-skilled laborers, families, and local businesses communities.
Sustainable Green Revolution http://arablerural.blogspot.com/